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Papillion residents deserve transparency and honesty from government and its representatives.

As a fiscal conservative, Autumn Sky regularly watches City Council meetings to monitor tax spending.  Citizens should be comfortable voicing concerns to their public servants. Autumn Sky is ready to serve you, the people of Papillion.

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As the city grows, we must be prepared with housing and childcare for families of all incomes.

A divorced parent of two sons, Autumn Sky knows the importance of affordable, quality housing and childcare. She is a former president of the UNO Child Care Center's Parent Teacher Organization and received her masters in Family & Community Services in 2011.  


A former recipient of a housing voucher; Autumn Sky knows the how life changing having safe & secure housing can be. She currently serves on the Housing Foundation for Sarpy County tirelessly advocating for adequate housing for all income levels.  

Dark Roofs Housing Complex


Economic growth must strengthen small businesses while preserving community assets that attract employers.

Autumn Sky inherited business sense and determined work ethic through her family's small business in rural Columbus as a fifth-generation Nebraskan.  She is also the owner of a women's empowerment network.  Autumn Sky wants to make sure that all city contracts are well publicized for all projects to ensure that they are awarded to variety of local businesses.

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A wealthy community has the duty to protect its land though sustainable living, eco conscious building practices, and green initiatives.

Coordinating a public health coalition for Sarpy County, Autumn Sky believes that the earth is borrowed from our children and strives to make Papillion a leader in green communities.

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As Papillion has continued to grow, it has begun to lose some of its small town feeling and charm that many of us chose Papillion for.  I believe that this is in part because many citizens don't personally know the individuals who serve in city jobs and elected positions.  Also, citizens aren't sure how to connect to information about items such as tax-funded city amenities; community events to attend; different services local non-profits offer; and specifics of our city budget.  One way to reach this goal is to implement a city-run monthly community newsletter (mailed or e-mailed) that features city council meeting recaps, summaries of recently passed resolutions and ordinances, upcoming community events, and insights into recent city budget expenditures among other news. I would also like there to be an "engagement calendar" on the city website where citizens can submit their community events to allow others to participate. Additionally, we can use targeted social media advertising, text, e-mail, and mail outs to ensure that no matter how you consume information, you are in the loop.  

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