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Autumn Sky Burns has always had a passion for community, writing her first letter to the editor, “Computers are not the same as Books,” when she was thirteen. A fifth generation Nebraskan and Papillion resident for the last twelve years, Burns intends to continue serving her community by seeking to become Mayor of Papillion. She filed for mayoral office on February 27, 2018 surrounded by community members, family, and friends.

Autumn refers to herself as a community advocate, which she says best explains her true passion which is making sure that every citizen feels at home in their community. Her run for Mayor is based on that principle that we are better together. She believes a community is strongest when all of its members do what they are capable of to give back.

“Be the change you want to see in this world,” by Gandhi along with a year worth of door knocking were her inspiration for her platforms.

Intentional growth: change is constant but we must be intentional about our growth as a community. Green space is a reason many move to Papillion and we must preserve that while allowing for business growth. A daughter of small business owners, Burns seeks to strengthen the small business community.

Affordable Quality Housing & Childcare: as the city grows, we must be mindful that families of all income levels need housing. Additionally, many families are facing long wait lines for quality child cares and that need will only intensify as our business sector expands.

Citywide Green Initiatives & Sustainability Efforts: Papillion is the wealthiest city in Nebraska, filled with individuals who care about our planet. We should strive to be looked to as the model for how to live sustainably.

Increased transparency & community engagement: citizens deserve to have a transparent government. Burns seeks to create a culture where the community is familiar with the elected officials and feel comfortable that their voices are being heard. Burns describes herself as fiscally conservative and believes the public should be more aware of how tax dollars are being spent. She believes there are many methods of communication that are under-utilized currently and could be used for more engagement with the community.

Since 2005, Burns has been a familiar face in many sectors of the community. She has been involved with Young Life Youth Ministry, Assurance Women's Center, Sarpy County Head Start Policy Council, College of Saint Mary’s Single Parent Success Mentoring Program and 2017 Leadership Sarpy graduate. Burns is currently a board member for the Papillion-LaVista TeamMates Mentoring Program, Bellevue Housing Authority Foundation, Nebraska Foster Care Review Organization, and past chair of Nebraska Tobacco Disparities Partnership.

Before receiving her BEHS in 2008 from University of Nebraska-Omaha she was President of the Family Science Organization and the UNO Child Care Center’s Parent Teacher Organization. Burns was the Student Government Senator for the College of Education and Human Sciences. She received a graduate certificate in Youth Program Management & Evaluation from Great Plains IDEA/UNL in 2010 and a MS from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011.

Currently, Burns works full-time in public health as the Sarpy County Coordinator for a Community Health Coalition, T.E.A.M. at CHI Health Midlands Hospital in Papillion. She is also the founder of a women's empowerment network. She lives in the Tara Heights neighborhood with her two sons.

“I want to change the way we view “politicians,” to begin to understand that a politician should just be an individual who loves community and who has specific skills to serve in that capacity. That is all I am, a normal woman who loves Papillion, who wants to engage others in creating community and has the know how to do it,” Burns says.



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